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If you are not sure what kind of underwear is more suited for you here are some more details about our trunks, slips and others!

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Underwear that is made of wood!

Made of wood? Yes, wood ... you heard it ...
Apart from ecological cotton, we use .........

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Push-up for him

The straight answer to the famous push-up bra. To be not the only with privileges, women underwear points out their attributes and deludes potential victims as rivals, men finally strike back. Men answer to the women push-up is a special design of the front cup which lifts and stresses out all there is on the man front side without odd chord rings of linings.

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Airbrush shirts

All shirts are hand-painted with an airbrush technique or in combination with the brush, so each shirt is very unique.
Handmade outlined t-shirts are the perfect gift to yourself or others.

Airbrush shirts

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